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With the highly equipped multipurpose lecture and seminar rooms the Congress Centre is among the most sophisticated venues in the Central European region.

The elegant Congress Hall taken up to 685 people (with 471 seats on the ground floor, while with 214 seats on the gallery) maintains an intimate and interactive presentation environment, moreover, offers a perfect venue for concerts and performances, as well. Due to its proportionate designation the Congress Hall is the ideal location for large-scale conventions and conferences.

Congresshall01Technical equipment:

  • Front Projection of 4500 Lumen
  • TV Facility, DVD, CD, Minidisc, VHS, Casette player/recorder in the studio
  • Laptop for presentations
  • Power Point slide clicker with built-in laser pointer
  • 3 Radio Microphones
  • 2 Microports
  • 4 Table or Standing Microphones
  • Gooseneck Microphone on the lectern
  • Full PA System Congresshall02
  • 2 ethernet ports with DHCP for internet access
  • 5 Fixed Dazzle Lights (dimmable)
  • Programmable Lighting (dimmable)
  • Aux Audio Feed for Press/TV
  • System compatible with any laptop
  • 2 fixed interpreter booths
  • Integrated Interpreter System with 400 listening units (Infrared)


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