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Doctoral School of Educational Sciences

Bölcsészettudományi Kar diplomaosztó 2010

Degree: Phd

Duration of the course: 6 semesters

Language of tuition: English

Description of the programme: The Doctoral School of Education considers its main objective the training of new generations of researchers in educational sciences, branches of modern, empirically based social sciences. Its curriculum is centred on the fields that emerged from the traditions of the University of Szeged, i.e. research on formal education, teaching and learning. At the same time, the objective of the Doctoral School is to prepare students for engaging in a wide spectrum of research activities related to education, for applying a plethora of research methods, and for studying the social, economic and historical conditions of schooling.

The Doctoral School of Education is organised into seven closely related programmes. Two of these, Teaching and Learning and Educational Evaluation, are related to the main instructional processes of schooling, while the Social and Affective Education programme deals with non-cognitive aspects of education. The Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology in Education programme provides a deep insight into the biological and psychological foundations of learning. Health Education is an area in applied research which has been gaining importance. The Information and Communication Technologies in Education programme integrates recent technological developments and new trends in the culture of education. Finally, the History of Education programme approaches educational thinking form the perspective of history.

Application procedure

  • Application requirements: at least intermediate level certified by internationally accredited language examination (TOEFL/IELTS/GRE/Other)
  • Application deadline: February
  • Application fee: 150 EUR
  • Registration fee: 200 EUR
  • Tuition fee: 3500 EUR/ 4200 USD per semester
  • Entrance examination fee: 250 EUR

For further information please contact:
Prof. Benő Csapó DSc
Faculty of Arts, Institute of Education
Phone/Fax: +36-62-420-034