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Student LifeThe University of Szeged would not be one of Hungary’s universities with a warm atmosphere and an institution that trains versatile people, were it not for the varied out-of-school activities organized for its students.

Going to sports events and festivals, attending balls and spending nights at parties in university clubs are all part of the legendary university life in Szeged as is attending lectures and laboratory classes.
Being a sportive institution, the University of Szeged offers such a wide variety of sports activities that the years spent at the university do not prove to be sufficient to try out all of them. Just to mention some of the less common ones: every student has the possibility to try parachuting, horse-riding, skiing, doing yoga, not to mention the university’s sports associations where competitions are organized in a number of sports from fencing to basketball. Our men’s basketball team, SZTE-SZEDEAK, made it to Group B of the First Division NB I in 2007. We are proud that several Olympic and world champion athletes including kayaker Natasa Janics and water polo player Gergely Kiss have chosen the University of Szeged for their studies. Szeged has frequently been the venue for international sports events. One of the most prominent ones was the World University Squash Championship in 2006 with participants from all over the world.
University clubs, parties and performances in the JATE-KLUB, in particular, offer rich and pure entertainment to everybody. Szeged’s cultural life would be unimaginable without these events or the ones organized in student hostels. No matter if you are looking for a film club or a place to dance or sing, among the amateur organizations of the University of Szeged everybody can find what they desire. Events of the Autumn Festival, the University Spring and programmes of TIK provide a foretaste of these activities for outsiders as well.
During the carnival season, every faculty organizes its ball with dance and music. One of the most noted ones is the traditional university charity ball which has become one of the most prestigious events of social life in Szeged.
No wonder that after graduation many graduates miss the events they experienced during the years spent at the University of Szeged. To help them feel and enjoy the support of the institution and the joys of the university community all their lives, there is a constant relationship through the Alma Mater organization between the university and its former students. Everybody who finds it important to participate in university life even after graduation is welcome to attend the postgraduate course fair, professional and class reunions, festive events, including the Alma Mater Christmas party, the Alma weekend and the university sports day. You can join the Alma Mater organization on the website.

The University of Szeged is the scientific and cultural centre of the South Great Plain region; and it has become inseparable from its host city during the past 90 years. Szeged is one of the most remarkable tourist destinations in Hungary, and this regional centre, which is world-famous for its Hungaricums, gastronomic and cultural events, offers a second home to all the citizens of the University of Szeged. Those who have ever visited Szeged, a place located on the banks of the River Tisza, must have realized that the university, in full co-operation with the city, largely contributes to the prosperity of its inhabitants and to the development of the region extending beyond the frontier.


Cultural life at the university


etavasz2010The annual cultural festivals offer over 500 programs at more than 100 different venues on average, 320 participants enter the talent competitions organized by the university annually there are 27 registered, amateur artistic groups, such as choruses, theatre groups and symphonic bands


The cultural events organized by the university perfectly complement the wide variety of cultural programs provided by the city, as the festivals also attract audiences outside the university. Since 2000, the Autumn Cultural Festival and since 2004 the University Spring have been organized annually. At these exhilarating events the citizens of the university can showcase their talents alongside famous artists at the various premieres, exhibitions and meetings.


The results and positions of the athletes attending the University of Szeged clearly demonstrate that the institution is an active and successful participant in sporting events organized by universities worldwide. Furthermore, the sporting events of the previous years taking place in the city also prove that the University of Szeged is among the best in sports event management. All these successes reflect the university’s general attitude, that is, besides scientific results, achievements of competitive and recreational sports are equally important parts of student life.


Services provided for university students


Egyetemi életThe University of Szeged provides its students with an integrated system of student services designed to enhance the quality of student life. It is a lot easier to get ahead in life in the maze of academic requirements, to overcome the difficulties of career building in a supportive environment. Amongst the services helping the welfare of students there are the Student Counselling Centre helping students with advice and courses in building their carriers in a conscious way and the SZTE Alma Mater gathering alumni to be found. Thus it is no wonder that the citizens of the university are equally renowned for their expertise, skills and solidarity.