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Service Units
The Confucius Institute at the University of Szeged was officially opened in the autumn of 2012 as a result of the cooperation of the University of Szeged and the Shanghai International Studies University with the support of Hanban (Confucius Institute Headquarters). For those interested in learning Chinese as a foreign language the Institute offers language classes taught by professional Chinese language teachers. Language classes are held both at the classrooms of the Confucius Institute and of the different faculty buildings of the university. Besides language teaching, the Institute emphasizes the importance of spreading Chinese culture to a wide audience: the Institute organizes a great variety of exciting programs free to attend by the public.
The University Library integrates the infrastructure of every faculty and department. In the Centre there is room for more than a thousand students, the largest in the country. The four open shelf levels contain 350.000 volumes and a further 1,5 million volumes and journals in the storages.
The Congress Centre has been opened to the public in December 2004. The Congress Centre (which is unique in the European region) provides a venue for university and business programs as well as cultural and philanthropical events (concerts, exhibitions).
The web page of the Sport Centre orients about the completion of courses, associations supervising the sporting life of the university, sport institutes and projects.
The University Computer Centre provides central IT services for the University of Szeged, including help desk and application management (ETR).
The first – formal – step of the higher educational integration was the establishment of a central service office, which is capable of providing high-level, integrated services.
The university-level representation of the students is provided by the Students’ Union. The main task of the Students Union and the students’ movement is to identify the problems of faculties and departments and synthesize them in a manner so as to help the students to step up uniformly and effectively, on an institutional, or even wider grounds.
The University of Szeged has widespread sublease-search network, which is maintained by SZTE Career Office. Foreign students have the possibility to manage their sublease issues at the Foreigner Students’ Secretariat
In order to render possible for the university citizenry to feel the life-long support of the institution, the connection between the university and its former students can be continuous through the Alma Mater Office.
The University of Szeged Career has a mediator function between the students and the labour market. During their trainings, consultancies students can improve their skills; hereby the office helps the students’ preparation for job pursuits.
In the shop products with SZTE and faculty logos, emblems and blazons, Hungarian and English inscriptions can be purchased.
Students can obtain their notes through the Book Shops of the University of Szeged, where they can use their student card with remount purpose.
The University of Szeged operates three university clubs, offering colourful programmes to the students of Szeged.

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