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“Erasmus” Comparative Law Programme


For decades, it has been a priority of the Faculty of Law at the University of Szeged to provide students with the opportunity of becoming familiar with legal systems other than that of Hungary. In today’s globalised world lawyers face the challenge of the application of an ever widening set of legal rules. Our Faculty answered this challenge by offering transnational and comparative courses of its own as well as initiating cooperation with universities from all around the world. Students at our Faculty can now choose from a variety of foreign legal programmes where they will gain in-depth knowledge of the legal systems of France, Germany and the United States with the assistance of dedicated visiting professors from the countries involved. These programmes are also open to foreign students including those participating in the Erasmus student exchange programme.

bscap0002A General Introduction to the Programme

The Comparative Law Programme aims to facilitate a fruitful academic experience in Szeged for visiting students from abroad by offering them the opportunity of obtaining a certificate after completing courses selected from a wide range of options. Applications from non-Erasmus students – preferably pursuing studies in Law, Economics or International Relations – interested in the world’s major legal systems are also welcome.

Structure of the Programme

Courses offered in the framework of the Programme are taught in English, French or German by our University staff as well as French, German, British and American visiting professors. The Programme consists of compulsory and optional courses. For easier reference, optional courses are divided into modules according to subject areas.


Credits earned for the completion of individual courses in the framework of the Programme are eligible for recognition by the home university under the ECTS system. A certificate will be awarded to those who obtain the required 30 credit points by completing at least 2 compulsory and 3 optional courses. Enrolment in practical courses in French (TD) is allowed only in parallel with the corresponding main theoretical course (CM). With the prior consent of the Institute of Comparative Law, courses offered by other Faculties of the University can be recognised up to a maximum of 4 credit points. The Programme can be completed in one or more semesters according to the participants’ choice.

Application and Admission

To apply, please return the application form available on the website of the Institute of Comparative Law. The courses are to be selected on an individual basis using the Internet based Unified Academic System (ETR). For non-Erasmus students, admission is conditional on prior successful completion of two semesters in their university studies. The Institute does not verify the applicants’ linguistic skills in advance. Lectures, practical courses and examinations are offered and administered exclusively in the languages indicated in the curriculum.


The Programme is offered free of charge for Erasmus students. For non-Erasmus students the participation fee is HUF 20.000.- per semester.

The actual list of courses is available via the following link.

Egyetemi életCertificate

Upon successful completion of the Programme students will be awarded a certificate stating the completed courses and corresponding grades.



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