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Public Administration and Public Policy Training Program


The executive training programme designed for university graduate public officials from developing countries provides an opportunity to enhance the participants’ legal, management and public administration expertise. Participants will gain first-hand practical experience in building and managing institutions.

The training program is operational since 2010 with excellent feedback from various delegations from South East Asia.

Skills Development Module (communications and IT training, personality development, team building)

Besides communication and language courses, through individual and team trainings delegation members will have the opportunity to obtain high-level computer and IT user skills and become familiar with the world’s largest online databases and leading Internet solutions. With the assistance of qualified trainers, delegation members can participate in personality and individual skills development sessions. Team building and team work development programmes will also be offered.




Professional Module

(legal and business education, contact courses, individual and team assignments)

Legal, business and administrative courses presented by university lecturers on a weekly basis covering the topics listed below:

Law and Public Administration:

Development of Hungarian Public Administration Law and Recent Challenges; Public Administration in the European Union; Public Administration in Hungary; Comparative Constitutional Law; Court systems in Europe; European Law; Human Rights in the European Union; Basics of International Law; Social and Employment Policy of the EU; Introduction to International, European and Hungarian Social Security Law; Introduction to International European and Hungarian Labour Law; The International Protection of Migrant Workers’ Human Rights; Alternative Dispute Resolutions; International Business Law.

Business Studies:

European Strategic Management; International Management; Risk Communication and Management; Economic and Monetary Policy in Transition Economies; Cohesion Policy of the European Union; Competition, Trade and Industrial Policy of the EU; The European Union in the Global Economy; Agricultural Policy of the EU; Public Finances in the EU; Research and Development in the EU; Project Management in the EU.





Culture and Environment Module

(cultural and natural heritage, field trips in Hungary and Europe)

Delegation members will be introduced to the basics of our common European culture, and will have the opportunity to visit exhibitions and other events and gain in-depth knowledge of a selected artistic field of interest (music, dance, movies, theatre, fine arts etc.). With the assistance of qualified and experienced guides, delegation members can enjoy treasures of our natural and cultural heritage and study preservation efforts (Lake Balaton, Fertőd, and the great Puszta of Hortobágy etc.).





Practical Module

(visits of institutions, businesses and other organisations, workshops with practitioners)

Delegation members can follow activities in both public and private sphere and have an insider look at the operation of selected institutions. Study visits will be organised to Courts of justice, public prosecutor’s office and the police; Parliament and ministries; Hungarian Central Bank; Chambers of Commerce and Industry; Municipal and regional governments; Public utilities [public transportation, energy (electricity, natural gas, district heating), water management].



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