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Education  --  Master Programmes

Degree: MSc

Field of study: Environmental Geography

Duration of the course: 4 semesters

Language of tuition: English

Description of the programme: The multidisciplinary programme is offered for qualified students who hold a BSc degree in related fields. The aim of the programme is to qualify students to be able to identify and understand the environmental problems, and to be able to develop practical solutions, to connect practitioners and stake-holders. The students will learn about geographical theories, laws and spatial and temporal patterns. They will be able to understand environmental systems in-depth, to develop alternative strategies on environmental problems, to integrate the elements of the geographical environment, to evaluate and analyse human induced environmental problems, and to analyse the interactions between the different landscape elements.

The programme comprises lectures, seminars and practical classes in the fields of environmental and social geography, geomorphology and geoinformatics. The training will contain theoretical courses in project management, environmental risk assessment, research techniques, environmental geography and environmental systems. The practical courses will focus on spatial data collection, data visualisation, remote sensing, hazard and risk management, human impact on the natural environment and landscape planning etc. On field trips and field works the students will learn the sampling methods and different mapping techniques in practice. The students must take part in research projects of the Department and they have to prepare a diploma work (longer-term research). The MSc module could be completed by a final examine.


Application procedure

  • Application requirements: BSc degree in geography or in related fields, English language - intermediate proficiency level (B2) (TOEFL or equivalent)
  • Application deadline: June 1
  • Application fee: 150 EUR
  • Tuition fee: 4500 USD per semester

For further information please contact:

Assoc. Prof. Tímea Kiss

Faculty of Science and Informatics, Department of Physical Geography and Geoinformatics

Tel.: +36 62/544-545