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MA in English Studies

20110625_diplomaoszt_454_Degree: Master of Arts in English studies, MA

Duration of the course: 4 semesters

Language of tuition: English

Description of the programme: The aim of the programme is to train experts at an internationally competitive MA level in three disciplinary fields of academic English studies: English Applied Linguistics; British Cultural Studies: Interdisciplinary Study of Culture; Gender through Literatures and Cultures in English.

The programme relies on the BA level comprehensive knowledge of theoretical and practical issues of English studies which students must have mastered in the BA programme. The MA courses facilitate further interdisciplinary studies and research to help students arrive at a critical and advanced understanding of the social–cultural aspects and practices of English speaking countries in particular, and human civilisation in general. Graduates of the programme will be able to present, interpret, argue and critically comprehend in English issues of language, communication, history, literature, society, gender and ideology in intercultural, comparative and historical dimensions. Special emphasis is placed on individual research work and personal consultations with an academic supervisor, especially during the process of writing an academic MA thesis, a requirement close to graduation.

The structure of the programme includes: Foundation courses (Theories and History of Literature and Culture, Approaches to English Linguistics, The Social Uses of Language, Research Methods in the Information Society); Specialisation introductory courses (The Multimediality of Culture, English Grammar: A Systemic-Functional Perspective, Gendering Theory/Theories of Gender: A Cultural Historical Perspective). Graduates will be eligible to apply for our PhD programme in Literatures and Cultures in English or in Applied Linguistics.

Application procedure

  • Application requirements: BA diploma in English studies; English language – C1 level English language proficiency examination (TOEFL/IELTS/ GRE/Other)
  • Application deadline: February
  • Application fee: 150 EUR
  • Tuition fee: 3500 EUR/semester
  • Entrance exam: interview via Skype before May

For further information please contact:

Dr. Attila Kiss
Faculty of Arts, Institute of English & American Studies
Phone: +36-62/544-260