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Faculty of Medicine

Lasers in Medicine and Life Sciences


kereszDate: 14th–25th July 2014

Application deadline: 15th May 2014.

Description: Advanced summer school for under-graduate and postgraduate students of medicine and physics.

The city of Szeged is proud to have been chosen as the site of one of the four pillars of a massive European laser project entitled ELI (Extreme Light Infrastructure). Szeged will host ELI-ALPS AttosecondLight Pulse Source), a facility dedicated to ultra-short laser pulses. Apart from breaking new ground in the study of very fast atomic and molecular processes, it is also expected to bring about improvements in medicine and life sciences. To discuss and disseminate the implications of these developments, we hereby invite you to the summer school entitled Lasers in Medicine and Life Sciences 2014, taking place between 14 and 25 July, 2014.

Application: Please fill in the online application form ( and submit the required documents.

Full fee: 650€.

Reduced fee: 200€ for students who submit a presentation for the student work-shop.

This fee includes tuition, accommodation, lunches, scheduled excursions, and extracurricular activities. We do not cover the costs of passports, visas, health insurance, travel to and from Hun-gary and other personal expenses.


Foundation year (preparatory course for medical, dental and pharmacy programs)


Date: 2014/2015

Description: The course is organized by the Faculty of Medicine for students who feel unprepared for the regular degree programs or who need help in reviewing basic sciences and English language to prepare for the entrance examination.

Subjects taught are Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Medical English, Medical Latin and Hungarian Language. For those students who need to improve their English, supplementary General English courses are provided.

Those students who take part in the Foundation Year have a good chance to be admitted to the first year Medical, Pharmacy and Dental Medicine Program of the University of Szeged in the next academic year. However, in order to be admitted one needs to pass the final examination with good results.


Tuition fee: 1st semester: 3.300 EUR, Registration fee: 220 EUR, 2nd semester: 2.200 EUR

More information: E-mail: Web:

Lasers in Medicine and Life Sciences Advanced summer school for under-graduate and postgraduate students of medicine and physics - download brochure in pdf


Faculty of Law

Gateway Training Program for Visiting Students


AJTKDate: Starts in September/October and February/March every year

Application deadline: 30 April for the autumn semester, 30 October for the spring semester

Description: Higher education training program primarily designed for undergraduate or graduate students arriving from Chinese universities. The objective of the program is to give an introduction to the most important areas of jurisprudence, international relations, political science and industrial relations. The courses present the relevant field from a European – and where appropriate global – comparative perspective with a special emphasis on Hungarian experience. Practical courses will be offered on legal English so as to improve students’ vocabulary, linguistic and communication abilities. The students are invited to choose some courses up to their special interests (public law fields, private law fields, comparative legal studies etc.). The program will provide visiting students with networking, knowledge and skills that are useful in their future careers both within China and on a global scale.


Tuition Fee: 2500 USD for the entire program (5 courses, accommodation and books included, insurance and American Legal Expert Training not included, no additional fees)


More information: Webpage: E-Mail:

Contact person: Prof. Asc. Krisztina Karsai

Download the description in pdf




Faculty of Arts

14th Summer School in Hungarian Studies

Date: July 27–August 23, 2014

BTK_summer_schoolApplication deadline: July 1, 2014 but early registrations are more welcome

Description: The four-week program includes language learning on various levels, cultural exposure in combination with academic classes, entertainment and recreational programs as well as regular contact with Hungarian language partners. There is also a possibility to choose a two- or three-week module. We start beginner courses only at the beginning of the program. The workload equals 12-9-6 ECTS credits for the 4-3-2-week courses respectively. The main components of the program are as follows: Hungarian as a foreign language (HFL), Hungarian society, history and culture in an European Context (HS), Field trips and cultural events.

Tuition fee: The first 14 students only have to pay half price!

application fee: EUR 30; 4-week course: EUR 550 (including tuition, local field trips, welcome dinner on arrival and farewell banquet); 3-week course: EUR 450 (including programs as above); 2-week course: EUR 300 (including programs as above); optional trips: Budapest excursion (one day trip): approx. HUF 6500 (includes transportation and entrance fees); Ópusztaszer Memorial Park: approx. HUF 4500 (includes transportation and entrance fee).

Contact info:



Application form: course-Application form.docx

14TH SUMMER SCHOOL IN HUNGARIAN STUDIES at the University of Szeged, Hungary - download the description in pdf


Faculty of Economics and Business Administration



Application deadline:

GTK_ecodemiaDescription: The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, University of Szeged offers study trips for international students of both BA and MA degree programmes in the field of Business Management and Economics.

The study trip programmes include an intensive series of lectures, field trips and discussions on different economic and environmental issues, this way giving an opportunity for the participants to apply the knowledge gained in the lectures by observing realities of different segments of economic life. The programmes offer communication and presentation trainings, as well as recreational activities around the city of Szeged.

Tuition fee: 3 categories à in a **** Hotel: 900 €/person, in a *** Hotel: 790 €/person, in a youth hostel: 54 €/person


Download the description in pdf


Faculty of Pharmacy

Introduction to Pharmaceutics


Date: 5 weeks (from the end of May to the end of June, and from the beginning of September to the beginning of October), 5-6 hours/day except Saturday and Sunday; 90 hours of lecture, 14 hours of institutional visit, tours (1 day and 3 days/2 nights) in Hungary.

Application deadline: May 31 each year.

Description: Participants get an insight into the past, present and future of European pharmaceutics through 9 interesting subjects. Besides the theoretical training, students have the possibility to visit working laboratories, get a sense of the excitement of discovery. The course includes two tours to the most beautiful parts of Hungary. Requirements: completed high school studies, moderate/good English skills.

Tuition fee: 1440 USD or 1080 € (travel expenses, accommodation and catering are not included)

Contact info: Róbert Gáspár PharmD, PhD, Vice Dean
Phone: +3662341971; +3662545022


Short course for Chinese students Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Szeged, Hungary - Name of the course: Introduction to Pharmaceutics - download the description in pdf 

Faculty of Agriculture

mgkShort Courses for Graduate Students and Professionals


  • Current and Future Issues of Common Agricultural Policy in the EU
  • How Rural Areas can be Developed?
  • Problem or Possibility? How the By-products and Agricultural Wastes could be Utilized?
  • Rural Tourism as Alternative Income Source
  • With advanced technologies for a profitable arable crop production
  • With advanced technologies for a profitable horticultural crop production
  • Modern animal production on large scale farms
  • Rabbit production
  • Renewable energy sources


Date: 2014 summer (Duration: 1-2 weeks)


Description: The Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Szeged is located in Hódmezővásárhely, in South-East Hungary, where agricultural education has a history of more than 100 years. With a student dormitory together, the campus provides excellent possibilities for the students opting for studying here.

Minimum group size: 10 participants, Language requirements: English language - intermediate level (TOEFL or equivalent),

Courses with Chinese interpreting can be organized!


Contact infos:

Phone: +36 (62) 532-990 • Fax: +36 (62) 532-991

Tamás Monostori PhD • e-mail:




Faculty of Science and Informatics

CESC - 4th Central European Summer Course and 1st Rising Stars in Mycology Workshop

Biology of Pathogenic Fungi: Genetics, Genomics, Diagnostics


TTIK_CESC_2014Date: 04 – 11 July, 2014

Application deadline: 20 May, 2014

Description: The course addresses both the fundamental principles and techniques of molecular biology, genetics, genomics and diagnostics of pathogenic fungal species. Students gain an in-depth knowledge of pathogenic mechanisms, molecular genetics, and the biochemistry of important virulence factors. Other topics include phylogenomics as a new way to discover disease mechanisms, host adaptation mechanisms of pathogenic fungi, epidemiology, molecular typing, analysis of extracellular elements of pathogenic fungal species and much more. A detailed scientific program can be found here. Each lecture directly relates molecular biology to current laboratory techniques. The laboratory portion of the course represents different experimental projects. A combination of experiments gives students a broad exposure to several important techniques in molecular biology, together with the direct experience of an intensive research project.

Registration fee: 400 €

Contact info:

4th Central European Summer Course and 1st Rising Stars in Mycology Workshop - Download the brochure in pdf

9th Annual European Molecular Computation Summer School for Life Science Students

Date: May 12-June 30.

Juhász Gyula Faculty of Education

Choir workshop

Date: 1-15 June, 13-16 June

Summer University

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